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The advantage that represents having a space where you can access a collection of books for free, is invaluable. And considering this aspect, we have worked hard to offer you another selection of texts for free.

In this publication we have put together a list of books about Drawing, all in PDF format. This is a topic worthy of our digital library, and today we share it with you.

The art and technique of illustrating is what we know as drawing. Through the action of drawing, an image is captured on a surface such as a canvas or paper, using various techniques.

On the other hand, it can also be said that drawing is a style of graphic expression on a horizontal surface, that is, in two dimensions. Moreover, it is one of the known visual arts.

Drawing is a tool that allows us to express both thoughts and objects. When something cannot be expressed in words, the best option is to draw it.

The list of books about drawing that we share today is made up of more than 30 texts in PDF format in which you can consult all the relevant information about this artistic expression.

Additionally, we have integrated in our collection, books in Spanish and in Portuguese, so that you can enjoy this topic in any of these languages, if you wish.

Finally, it is important to note that each and every one of these books has been given for its publication and distribution, or are in the public domain.

Basic Drawing Books

Drawing is often considered a hobby. Sometimes, parents give their children a sheet of paper and some crayons to entertain themselves with this activity; however, as adults, we can also draw to de-stress or simply for pleasure.

Drawing can then be considered as an art or even as a profession, which is used by many in their jobs. An example of this can be seen in painters, portrait artists, graphic designers, illustrators, etc.

Therefore, if you want to learn how to draw, you can find good materials to do it through the basic drawing books we have for you, so that you can learn the basics of this technique and, together with practice, become an excellent illustrator or cartoonist.

A free guide to pencil shading techniques for beginning artists

Drawing Fundamentals

Pencil Drawing a Beginner's Guide


Drawing made easy

E. G. Lutz

Learn to Draw: What To Draw and How To Draw It

E. G. Lutz

The Guide Sketchbook that teaches you how to Draw

Robin Landa

Animated Drawing Books

Cartoon Books usually provide readers or students with a good amount of exercises to learn how to do them by themselves, from how to do the feet to each of the parts of the body.

One of the particularities of cartoons is that they should not be “perfectly” proportional, thus there is a very famous style, which is the caricature type, where an exaggeration of the physical features of the character is made; the idea is to give a humorous and eye-catching touch to such drawings.

It is worth mentioning that learning this art can open the doors to success, since it is quite commercialized, both by companies and independent cartoonists. Comic books can be made, as well as Japanese manga, among others.

Cartoon Animation

Preston Blair

Fun with a pencil

Andrew Loomis

Architectural Drawing Books

Architectural drawing is one of the most difficult to make, since (most of it) is not usually done freehand, but different tools such as compasses, rulers, squares or scale rulers are used, in order to get a “perfect” drawing, if it can be called that way, with measures, angles and other characteristics of the structure represented.

This type of drawings is also known as blueprints, and is usually used for construction, hence its great importance when it comes to making it, as well as the responsibility that runs on the part of the drafter.

If you are a student of architecture, or simply want to learn how to make this type of art, you can consult the Architectural Drawing Books, with which you will be able to learn and understand how to make them in a correct and practical way.

The Architectural drawing

Joe Travers-Jones

Architectural sketching and drawing in perspective

H. W. Roberts

Interior design student handbook

University of Minnesota

Artistic Drawing Books

Do you know who Leonardo Da Vinci was? If you don’t know, he is the famous painter who gave birth to the painting known as “La Gioconda” or ” The Mona Lisa”, one of the most representative and remarkable works in the history of art.

Artistic drawing is about that, a painting where the author expresses his/her feelings, ideas, thoughts, etc. This is one of the reasons why we can find abstract paintings that are considered ” works of art”, but are perceived by many as something strange.

This type of art is one of the most striking and used by painters and illustrators today, so you can learn everything about it by consulting the Artistic Drawing Books that we have available in PDF and that will surely be very useful for you.

The Art of Animal Drawing

Ken Hultgren

Successful Drawing

Andrew Loomis

Figure Drawing

Andrew Loomis

The American Drawing Book

John Gadsby

The Practice and Science Of Drawing

Harold Speed

Handbook of Drawing

William Walker

Light and Shade

Anson K. Cross

The Theory and Practice of Perspective

G. A. Storey

Pen Picture and how to draw them

Eric Meade

The Art of Figure Drawing

Charles H. Weigall

A Guide to Figure Drawing

G. E. Hicks

The Art Of Making And Using Sketches

G. Fraipont

Figure drawing for children

Caroline Hunt Rimmer

Drawing and Anatomy

Victor Perard

Keys to Drawing with Imagination

Bert Dodson

Geometric Drawing Books

The word “geometric” has to do with everything related to geometry, which is the specialty of mathematics designated for the study of the magnitudes and properties of figures in space or in a plane. According to this definition, geometric drawing is considered to be that which is made following the rules of this discipline.

However, geometric drawing has a wide application, since it can be found not only in mathematics, but also in graphic design, architecture and other related disciplines. In that sense, we have made a selection of Geometric Drawing Books that will help you better understand its use.

You will learn how to draw circles, triangles, ovals and rectangles, and how to make compositions with them, including logos, faces and other more complex drawings.

Geometry and Spatial Sense, grades 4 to 6


Geometric Constructions

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

Mechanical Drawing Books

Mechanical drawing is quite similar to architectural drawing in terms of importance and responsibility since both are used as blueprints for later construction or, in this case, manufacturing.

Mechanical drawing focuses on the realization of robotic parts, machinery, automobiles, cranes, motorcycles, airplanes, helicopters and all kinds of industrial elements. It is used by professionals in the field and is usually done with specialized drawing tools or digitally.

Through the Mechanical Drawing Books, you will be able to learn all the basics of this art, as well as practice through the techniques described in the books. Therefore, if you are a student of a related career or simply want to learn, these texts will be very useful.

Engineering Working Drawing Basics

Dr. Ala Hijazi

Fundamentals of mechanical drawing

University of California

Technical Drawing Books

Technical drawing can be distinguished as the basis of most of the other types of drawing, therefore, it is usually given as a subject during high school studies, even if its usefulness covers the professional field.

Through technical drawing, students learn to use measuring tools, such as rulers, squares, scale rulers, compasses, etc., since its purpose is to train and provide the necessary skills so that professionals can create graphics, structures and shapes with greater ease.

Learning technical drawing presents many guarantees, consequently, we recommend our selection of Technical Drawing Books that you can download for free in PDF so that you can train yourself in the subject and improve your graphic skills.

Engineering drawing

Wuttet Taffesse, Laikemariam Kassa

Engineering Drawing Practice for Schools and Colleges

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Here ends our selection of free Drawing books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and that you already have your next book!

If you found this list useful, do not forget to share it on your social networks. Remember that “Sharing is Caring”.

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