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Purpose drives us. Davis Wright Tremaine was founded on three guiding principles: ability, integrity, and service. Those principles have remained constant even as the firm has grown to more than 600 attorneys in 11 offices coast-to-coast. They shape the ways we engage with and support our clients in an ever-changing legal landscape.

Committed to Your Success

In a constantly evolving legal and business landscape, we're here to support your growth for years to come as a fully integrated part of your team. We work to meet your budget and provide peace of mind.

Industry Focus and Expertise

We bring an industry-focused, multi-disciplinary, full-service approach that enables us to provide value beyond market-leading legal counsel. Whether we're assisting you with complex litigation, major deals, or thorny regulatory issues, we offer strategic insight to help you see around corners and prepare for what comes next.

We have particular industry expertise inmedia and entertainment;technology and intellectual property;financial services and fintech;healthcare;food and beverage;energy, environment and natural resources;artificial intelligence; and cannabis.

Investing in Our People

We invest in our people by emphasizing personal and professional growth, building a culture that values diversity, equity, inclusion, and bettering our communities through pro bono and social impact work. But, we also help them develop by investing deeply in our client relationships.

The best people provide the best client service, and the most interesting clients provide the best opportunities for professional growth. So, the investments we make in our client relationships are also investments in our people—and vice versa.

Diverse teams provide the best outcomes for clients. They also create the best work environment. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are part of the fabric of DWT.

At DWT, doing good is not just a catchphrase. Our pro bono and social impact work moves us, challenges us, and makes us better people and lawyers. It's also an integral part of our client relationships.

Awards and Recognitions

Link to /about/news/2024/06/chambers-rankings-affirm-dwt-national-leadership
Chambers Top Ranked

DWT awarded for industry-leading excellence in 50 practices and named 112 individual lawyers as top attorneys for business.

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Link to /about/news/2024/02/bti-consulting-group-names-dwt-best-of-the-best
BTI Leading Edge Law Firms

DWT acknowledged for our commitment to "delivering brand new strategies and thinking clients haven't seen before."

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Link to /about/news/2023/11/best-lawyers-national-tier-1-ranking
Best Law Firms

DWT awarded a national Tier 1 ranking in 18 key practice areas, as well as 80+ Tier 1 rankings in markets across the country.

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Link to /about/news/2023/12/dwt-most-innovative-law-firms-in-north-america
Financial Times Law Firm Index

The Financial Times recognized Davis Wright Tremaine as one of the 20 most innovative law firms in North America.

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Link to /about/news/2023/09/thomson-reuters-super-lawyers-and-rising-stars
Thompson Super Lawyers

Thomson Reuters named 80+ Davis Wright Tremaine attorneys as 2023 Super Lawyers and Rising Stars.

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Link to /about/news/2023/05/dwt-wins-transformative-project-of-the-year
International Legal Technology Association

Davis Wright Tremaine won the "Transformative Project of the Year" Award from the International Legal Technology Association.

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Davis Wright Tremaine hosts many seminars, roundtables and events designed to educate and engage our clients in a variety of legal and business issues. In addition, our attorneys frequently participate in conferences as presenters and panel members. The following is a list of our current events.


Open Banking, Open Issues



The Critical Role of Transmission Rate Incentives and Stable Return on Equity Policies in Building Essential Electric Infrastructure


Online Event


DWT Hosted

Alaska Breakfast Club: Serving Up Cybersecurity with Beth Poisson of Bristol Industries




Joint Use - Western Energy Institute

September 17-20, 2024

Kansas City, KS


DWT Hosted

6th Annual In-House Pro Bono Summit


Online Event

Committed to Protecting Your Data

When you trust us with your legal work, you trust us with your data. We have made, and continue to make, significant investments in our security infrastructure to ensure that we protect it. Most notably, we have achieved ISO 27001 certification, a globally recognized standard for the establishment and certification of an information security management system. Our goal is to give you peace of mind in every way—addressing your legal challenges, helping you achieve your business goals, and ensuring the integrity of your data.

In-House Cybersecurity Professionals
About Us | Davis Wright Tremaine (7)Our certified information security management system is led by a chief information security officer who oversees an in-house team of cybersecurity professionals working hand-in-hand with DWT leadership, information technology, and information governance functions. Our security office constantly monitors real-time security alerts, hunting and patrolling our networks in real-time to chase down anomalies and mitigate any identified security gaps.

Our security office's monitoring is backstopped by an industry-leading 24-hour, 365-days-a-year security operations center that can rapidly escalate suspicious activity for further investigation. We conduct daily vulnerability scans and annual internal and external security audits, and employ a top-notch red team for annual penetration testing.

Real-Time Monitoring and Response
Along with encrypting all our endpoints and employing multifactor authentication for all remote access to DWT systems, we use a Windows 11 security baseline derived from comprehensive Department of Defense guidelines. Our team of agents constantly monitors our environment and is able to respond to threats as they may happen using cloud-based apps.

Tried and Tested Security Partners

We partner with leading secure solutions providers to keep your data secure. These providers are selected based on a rigorous review process, bound by contract to enforce our security standards, and regularly reviewed to ensure the highest levels of protection of your data.

About Us | Davis Wright Tremaine (8)


Secure cloud-based collaboration and secure file transfers

About Us | Davis Wright Tremaine (9)


Secure cloud-based email security and archive

About Us | Davis Wright Tremaine (10)


Secure cloud-based document management system

About Us | Davis Wright Tremaine (11)


Secure file transfers

About Us | Davis Wright Tremaine (12)


Secure file transfers

About Us | Davis Wright Tremaine (13)

Iron Mountain

Secure offsite physical record storage

About Us | Davis Wright Tremaine (14)

Williams Lea

Document processing and overflow services

About Us | Davis Wright Tremaine (15)

Pacific Office Automation

Outsourced onsite printing and copying services

Leadership With Deep Cybersecurity Experience

About Us | Davis Wright Tremaine (16)Our chief information security officer is Daniel Melleby, who joined DWT in November 2017. His prior work experience included an assignment with the National Security Council under the Executive Office of the President, where he led the U.S. response planning efforts for major cyber incidents.

Before his tour at the White House, Daniel crafted the U.S. Department of Defense's international cyber strategy and deterrence policy and focused national cyber counterintelligence efforts to protect the defense industrial base from cyber espionage. His depth of cybersecurity response experience is global, with knowledge of the tactics, techniques, and procedures of sophisticated cyber adversaries, including Russian, Chinese, Iranian, and North Korean state-sponsored actors, as well as those of terrorists and criminal syndicates.

Daniel graduated with his B.A. in politics from New York University and his M.A. in security policy from George Washington University. His formal certifications include Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). As a seasoned senior cybersecurity strategist, Daniel has received various recognitions, including the Exemplary Civilian Service award from the U.S. Department of Defense, the Integrated Intelligence Unit award, the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy "Golden Pen" award, and the Vice Presidential Hammer award.

Managing Partner

Peter S. Johnson


Interim Managing Partner



Staff Leadership

Julia Bennett

Washington, D.C.


Joanna Plichta Boisen

Chief Pro Bono and Social Impact Officer



David Delafield

Chief Financial Officer



Brent Goff

Chief Information Officer



Kelli Kohout

Chief Administrative Officer



Daniel Melleby

Chief Information Security Officer



Yusuf Z. Zakir

Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer

Los Angeles



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