Golden Corral Menu and Prices: A Delicious Dining Experience for Everyone (2024)

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GeoJournal of Tourism and Geosites

The Role of Breakfast in Hotel Selection, Satisfaction and Intention to Return: A Two-Fold Approach Looking at Guests and Managers’ Perspectives

Fernanda Pereira

To determine the importance guests give to breakfast when choosing and returning hotels and hotel managers’ perception on this topic. Relevance of consumer behavior and satisfaction for marketing in hospitality. Two different online questionnaires sent to hotel guests (n=626) and to European managers (n=112). Namely for European guests, breakfast is among the 3 main attributes when choosing a hotel. Online information about breakfast influences breakfast’s ranking and the prospect of returning. Most managers recognize breakfast as important for guests’ choosing process. Breakfast is valued by hotel guests when they travel and managers should convey more descriptions of breakfast online. This is the first assessment both of travelers and managers regarding the value of breakfast for choosing and returning to hotels.

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International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences

Buffet Diners Dining Behavior: A Proposed Preliminary Conceptual Model

2018 •

Khairil Wahidin

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The Impact of magnitude salience on prix fixe menu price judgment

2010 •

Michael Lynn

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Food Service Technology

The dining experience: do restaurants satisfy customer needs?

2004 •

L. Mossberg

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The American Diner | Speed, Food, Architecture

Yael C Agmon

The diner, for many Americans, is a symbol of a period that has long gone, a time capsule, a place of memories and nostalgia. Nevertheless, the attributes of the diners and the dining culture that developed in them, along with their cuisine, had permeated so profoundly into the American landscape that they became obvious - generic pieces of everyday life across the country. Similar to canning, diners preserve significant pieces of American culture. A micro-cosmos of social connections, political and economic ideologies, technological innovations, patterns of mechanization and standardization – defiantly as part of a particular moment in history but timeless as well.

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Cogent Business & Management

The effects of restaurant attributes on satisfaction and return patronage intentions: Evidence from solo diners’ experiences in the United States

2018 •

Lisa Slevitch

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Is breakfast an important dimension in hotel selection? An analysis of online reviews

2020 •

Fernanda Pereira

Online reviews in booking sites inuence the choice of a hotel by future guests. Several hotel attributes are mentioned in online comments, but breakfast is rarely addressed. The purpose of this research is to analyse the importance that European hotel customers give to breakfast when choosing a hotel. For this purpose, online comments in TripAdvisor platform (n=1120) from customers searching for 4- and 5-stars hotels in European capitals were assessed. The hotels (n=112) were selected according to their rate in TripAdvisor (2 high-rank and 2 low-rank per capital). More than half of the comments include a reference to breakfast, being 66% positive and 56% addressing a specific dimension. References to breakfast and positive remarks are more frequent among women (p<0.001). Positive comments are more frequent on the high-rank hotels and negative comments on the low-rank hotels (p<0.001). No differences were found considering the aim/type of travel. Hotel managers should consider ...

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Dining habits and preferences of young patrons of fast food restaurants in Singapore and Las Vegas, 1994

1995 •

Gerry Koh

The purpose o f this study was to investigate and compare the dining habits, preferences, and expectations o f 1,012 young patrons o f fast food restaurants in Singapore and Las Vegas. The Singapore respondents were students from a Pre­ university and SHATEC, a hospitality industry vocational institute. In Las Vegas, the respondents were from the William F. Harrah College o f Hotel Administration, University o f Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). Overall results indicated that there existed more similarities between Pre­ university and UNLV students than between Pre-university and SHATEC students. This conclusion was unexpected given differences between Pre-university and UNLV students in terms o f age, marital status, country o f residence, and type o f educational institution. Pre-university and SHATEC students were more similar in these demographic areas. Furthermore, findings show that although Pre-university and SHATEC students share a similar cultural background, their behavior pattern...

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Lower Buffet Prices Lead to Less Taste Satisfaction

Brian Wansink

A field experiment was conducted to assess how diners' taste evaluations change based on how much they paid for an all-you-can-eat (AYCE) buffet. Diners at an AYCE restaurant were either charged $4 or $8 for an Italian lunch buffet. Their taste evaluation of each piece of pizza consumed was taken along with other measures of behavior and self-perceptions. Their ratings were analyzed using 2x3 mixed design ANOVA. Diners who paid $4 for their buffet rated their initial piece of pizza as less tasty, less satisfactory, and less enjoyable. A downward trend was exhibited for each of these measured with each additional piece (p=0.02). Those who paid $8 did not experience the same decrement in taste, satisfaction and enjoyment, Paying less for an AYCE experience may face the unintended consequence of food that is both less enjoyable and rapidly declining in taste and enjoyability. In a sense, AYCE customers get what they pay for.

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Consumers and Tourists Restaurant Selection

Gökhan Yılmaz

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Golden Corral Menu and Prices: A Delicious Dining Experience for Everyone (2024)
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