New Spectrum store that offers mobile phone services opens in La Quinta (2024)

New Spectrum store that offers mobile phone services opens in La Quinta (1)

Charter Communications has opened a new Spectrum Store in La Quinta, giving the Coachella Valley three locations.

The La Quinta store is one of 32 new Spectrum locations opening in Southern California this year.The Spectrum store provides information onSpectrum’s video, internet and voice services as well as its latest offering, Spectrum Mobile.

The new Spectrum store, located at 79-785 Highway 111, Suite E103, features Spectrum Mobile, which combines the nation’s largest LTE network and a nationwide network of Spectrum WiFi hotspots. Customers can save up to 40% on a single line with unlimited data compared to other national carriers. They can also bring their own phone or choose from the latest mobile devices and accessories and activate service in the store.

Consumers also can shop for Spectrum Internet, with starting speeds of 100 Mbps and plans with connections up to 1 gigabit per second, as well as video and home phone services.

New Spectrum store that offers mobile phone services opens in La Quinta (2)

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“Our new Spectrum stores provide an updated design and enhancements for showcasing innovation across the full suite of Spectrum services,” said Pattie Eliason, Group Vice President, Spectrum Stores. “Our representatives will show customers the latest advances in technology — including our exciting new Spectrum Mobile options — help them become familiar with using it and put together just the right package of Spectrum services for their home and family.”

The new La Quinta store is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Sundays from noon to 5 p.m. Along with sampling and ordering Spectrum services, customers can also complete a variety of transactions at the store, including account payments and upgrading or exchanging equipment.

Spectrum has additional area stores nearby in Palm Desert (44-425 Town Center Way, Suite H, Palm Desert, CA 92260) and Palm Springs (440 El Cielo Rd, Suites 9 and 10, Palm Springs, CA 92262).

New Spectrum store that offers mobile phone services opens in La Quinta (2024)
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