The Most Popular Tattoo Ideas And The Origins Of Tattoo Art (2024)

First Tattoo – How to Prepare?

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Getting a tattoo is a task you must approach with full responsibility. It is not enough to browse through the first time tattoo ideas and choose your favorite design. You have to figure out how to prepare yourself for the tattoo process. There is a list of dos and don'ts that you may want to evaluate, and we will share it with you.

What to do Before the Tattoo Ink Session

It's a common assumption that the primary responsibility for the tattoo session's outcome lies on the artist. Yet, many factors depend on you. So, what to do before getting a tattoo? Make sure that you cover all the points disclosed below:

Sleep well. As overwhelming and exciting as the upcoming session may be, you shouldn't stay up late. It is recommended that you visit the salon fully rested and ready for the session. If you feel tired and sleepy, your state may have a directly negative impact on the session's lengthiness and the outcome. Besides, if you are not fully rested, you may be twice as susceptible to pain. Moreover, when you fall asleep in the chair, you will send the artist confusing signals, which is not a good thing during such an important process.

Keep your body hydrated. You are well aware of how to get a tattoo since you may have done it before or watched others get it. Despite your familiarity with the process, one thing that could have escaped your attention is how hydrated and dehydrated skin reacts to ink. Well-hydrated skin absorbs the ink a lot better than dehydrated. Thus, you should ensure unlimited water consumption 24 hours before the sesh. What is more, keeping a bottle of water next to you throughout the session and sticking to the routine afterward will help your skin heal better.

Shave. It is impossible to tattoo an area with a lot of hair covering it. That is why you should do the honors and shave the area before you head to the salon. However, if you have little experience in the field and worry that you may cut yourself in the process, you should let your tattoo artist know so that they shave the area for you. Should you be open up for a waxing session, you need to schedule it a few days before the tattoo appointment so that your skin has a chance to heal well.

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Take a shower. No matter how obvious the tip sounds, you'd be surprised how many people skip on it. The main reason we emphasize taking a shower before you head out to the salon is that the process will leave small cuts and opens on your skin, so it is crucial that your body is as clean as possible and has the tiniest chance of infection is ruled out.

Moisturize well. As we've mentioned, well-hydrated skin is key to a successful tattoo session and satisfactory outcome. Yet, aside from the inner hydration, you may also want to moisturize your skin from the outside. It helps to moisturize your skin twice a day a week before the session. However, skipping the step on the day of the appointment is critical since you don't want anything to get under your skin together with the ink and the needle.

Bring snacks. Going through the session with your stomach growling isn't the best approach especially if you are in for a lengthy session. That is why you should have a proper meal before the tattoo appointment and bring in some snacks to ensure you don't get hungry during the process.

Dress appropriately. No matter how much you like your complicated and fancy style, the tattoo parlor isn't the place to show off. You should dress so that you feel comfortable throughout the session. Thus, industry experts suggest that you don't wear anything restrictive and uncomfortable. Keep in mind the area that you will have tattooed, don't put on your fav skinny jeans while heading for a leg piece.

What You Shouldn't do Before Ink Session

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When you are starting to brood upon how to prepare for a tattoo session, you should keep in mind that there are things you shouldn't do before heading to the salon. Let's review the don'ts quickly.

Rule out intoxication. When we talk about beginner tattoos, it is pretty obvious to be a little scared of what is about to happen. Thus, some people choose to drink up to boost their courage and potentially dull the pain sensitivity. No matter how great an approach it sounds in your head, the field experts emphasize that you should show up fully sober for the appointment. Any type of drug or medication can have a potentially dangerous impact on your organism and affect the session's outcome. Stay clear of blood-things meds too.

Damaged tissue. Whether it is a small cut, burn, or fresh tan peeling off – you should reschedule your tattoo appointment. The main reason for that is that your tattoo won't heal well when your skin is already dealing with trauma. If you want your ink to look like it is supposed to, you will keep that in mind above all.

Exhausting exercise. Heading to the gym before your tattoo session is okay as long as you don't try to outdo yourself. Anything that will make you feel extra sore should be discarded. If you neglect the advice and opt for a difficult workout, your muscles will ensure that your healing process is extra painful.

Touch your tattoo. No matter how tempting it is to poke, stroke, and touch your fresh ink or the tools used in the process – don't! All the instruments used are most likely sterilized to eliminate any chance of infection and related complications, and you don't want to change that. Touching the tools or the fresh would with your fingers may transfer all sorts of infections, which is not the outcome you count on.

Cancel. Force-Majeure happens, and there is little we can do about them. However, if you can't prevent that – try not to cancel your session at the last minute. If you value your relationship with the artist, you will try to warn them in advance, at least.

The Most Popular Tattoo Ideas And The Origins Of Tattoo Art (2024)
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