The Most Stylish Cat Accessories For Your Home (2024)

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Cat accessories like bowls, litter boxes, and scratching posts aren’t usually known for being incredibly aesthetically pleasing — but that doesn’t mean they can’t be.

There are actually so many stylish cat accessories out there that either blend seamlessly into home decor schemes or stand out (in a good way!). And once you see how beautiful cat items can be, you’ll never look at a standard cat condo the same way again.

Here are 13 of the most stylish cat accessories you can add to your collection.

The Most Stylish Cat Accessories For Your Home (1)
Pet Pals Handmade Woven Cat Tree


Made from woven paper rope, this handmade cat tree from Pet Pals is a beautiful cat accessory for any space with a boho flair. “Finally a cat condo that doesn't look like my mother’s 1972 carpet!” one five-star reviewer wrote. Both the basket and bowl-shaped perch are lined with fleece, so the cat tree is as cozy as it is stylish.

The Most Stylish Cat Accessories For Your Home (2)
The Cat Ladies Organic Cat Grass Growing Kit


This organic cat grass kit from The Cat Ladies is fun for you to look at and even more fun for your cat to eat. It’s potted in an adorable cat face mug, which can be used for beverages after you’re done using it as a planter, and will look adorable on any windowsill, coffee table or kitchen counter — plus your cat will have fresher breath and healthier digestion after she takes a nibble or two.

The Most Stylish Cat Accessories For Your Home (3)

Available in white, pink and teal, this set of two ceramic raised cat bowls looks beautiful and actually improves your cat’s eating habits. Because the bowls are higher off the ground, pressure is taken off your cat’s spine when she eats, and she’s less likely to vomit after eating. “I love these bowls for my kitties!” one cat parent wrote. “They're stylish while also being sturdy and easy to clean. They have a very smooth finish that's easy to wipe clean and can also be thrown in the dishwasher.”

The Most Stylish Cat Accessories For Your Home (4)
On2 Pets Cat Tree With Leaves


This is the cat tree to end all cat trees because it’s literally a tree! The On2 Pets cat tree with leaves looks like a high-quality faux plant, but features hidden platforms for your cat to climb on. “I built a catio/patio for my cats and wanted to add a more natural looking tree for them,” one cat parent wrote. “This one is perfect. Cats love sleeping on it and hiding in the leaves.”

The Most Stylish Cat Accessories For Your Home (5)
Ibiyaya Premium Pet Carrier


This premium pet carrier from Ibiyaya looks more like a designer purse than a cat carrier. This stylish cat accessory has ventilated ends, and your cat can catch views out of the bubble side windows. The shoulder straps are adjustable and the entire thing fits under most airplane seats, making it a great travel carrier.

The Most Stylish Cat Accessories For Your Home (6)
Neater Pet Brands Hammered Stainless Steel Bowl


If you’re looking for a more rustic alternative to your standard cat bowl, look no further than the Neater Pet Brands hammered stainless steel bowl (also available in copper). Anti-skid rubber dots on the bottom keep these bowls where they are while your cat eats, and the dishwasher-safe material makes cleaning them super easy.

The Most Stylish Cat Accessories For Your Home (7)
Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box


What looks like a beautiful potted plant to your guests is actually a litter box in disguise. This hidden litter box from Good Pet Stuff has a cutout on one side so your cat can do her business like usual without you having to settle for an unsightly litter box. It comes in both a terracotta color as well as gray, and over 11,900 cat parents say this stylish cat accessory is a game-changer.

The Most Stylish Cat Accessories For Your Home (8)
FEANDRA Wooden Cat Tree


Is this a cat tree or a gorgeous piece of handcrafted furniture? The FEANDRA wooden cat tree and condo features a dark wood veneer, circular-cut peepholes and lush bedding that Velcros in place. “Love this cat stand!” one pet parent wrote. “Not only does it look nice (and exactly like the picture), but it's sturdy and great for my parkour kitties.”

The Most Stylish Cat Accessories For Your Home (9)
Little Dove Pet Teepee


This super aesthetic cat teepee from Little Dove is going to get you and your cat a lot of likes on social media. Each bed is made with durable canvas and pine dowels and comes with a pom-pom pad for your cat to sleep on. Just add twinkle lights and let the “oohs” and “aahs” roll in.

The Most Stylish Cat Accessories For Your Home (10)
Sikoon Make Sure Cat Litter Box


This sneaky litter box from Sikoon looks nothing like a litter box. Your cat’s business is totally enclosed in this mod hut on mid-century-style legs — it’s meant to blend into your home decor, and it does just that. “It was a surprise,” one five-star reviewer wrote. “It looks great, the quality is good and the inside space is great enough. In addition, my cat loves it!”

The Most Stylish Cat Accessories For Your Home (11)


The only hard decision to make regarding the LIONWEI LIONWEI ceramic pet bowl set (which comes with a stylish stand) is which color to choose. Both the ceramic and wood used to make this set are 100 percent natural and safe, and the bowls themselves are able to go through the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

The Most Stylish Cat Accessories For Your Home (12)
f*ckUMARU Cat Hammock


This striped cat hammock is actually part of f*ckUMARU’s wall jungle series, which includes various wall-mountable items for your cat to climb and rest on. The hammock is super cute with its black-and-white striped or flannel lining, and the natural wood frame helps it to blend in with your home decor.

The Most Stylish Cat Accessories For Your Home (13)
7 Ruby Road Wall Mounted Scratch Post


The sleek oval shape and natural-hued wood frame of the 7 Ruby Road wall-mounted scratch board is super stylish. The board is easy to install, and the durable sisal weave will hold up against even the most scratch-happy cats. And it’s honestly pretty enough that you could add it to a gallery wall, and no one would question it.

The Most Stylish Cat Accessories For Your Home (2024)
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